What is NION?

NION (Not In Our Name) is an organisation which aims to help Maltese citizens disassociate themselves from the Roman Catholic Church. Why should citizens consider this option?

The Catholic Church in Malta is one of the most powerful political institutions in the country. It regularly interferes in the running of the Maltese State and competes for public policy which then affects all citizens, regardless of their religious sentiments. Many institutions in Malta are run as if all the citizens were Catholic, and officials in positions of public trust often act in a similar way.

This arrogance is buoyed by a statistic which claims that 98% of the population are Catholic. This is in turn based on the number of baptised individuals, who often become members of the Church at birth, and without their consent. Many parents baptise their children for fear of them being discriminated against, and many individuals subsequently choose to lead adult lives in which they do not practice Catholicism.

The experience of the past few years has shown us that the dangerous idea which claims that the absolute majority of Maltese are Catholic encourages ham-fisted fundamentalism and disregard for the rights of those segments of the population who are not Catholic. It is thus important to send a signal to our authorities, that there are Maltese citizens who are not Catholic, and who deserve to be treated with the same level of respect as other Catholic citizens.

The time has come for all ex-Catholics who are still erroneously counted amongst the faithful to make it clear that none of the above is being done in their name.

Given the lack of dissenting voices, and the fact that almost all political discourse is performed within the confines of the ideological Catholic strait-jacket, choosing to leave the Church is a symbolic and powerful message that asserting that one is not afraid to live according to what one really believes. For people who have already renounced their faith in private, this is a self-liberating gesture and also an act of solidarity with those who have not yet found the courage to come out because they fear they might be victimised in everyday social relations. If the number of people who assert confidently that they are not Catholic grows to a critical mass, the unjust Catholic hegemony which permeates this country will be broken, and the way will be paved for a secular state which treats all citizens with the same respect.

How can I avail myself of NION’s help?

NION is committed to help Maltese citizens who want to formally renounce their Catholic faith do so. There is more than one way to formally disassociate oneself from the Catholic Church. Information on these processes can be accessed by clicking here or by clicking on the Disassociation button at the top of the page.