Before you leave the Church, it is important that you consider the consequences of your action in order to make an informed decision. By leaving the Church, you are no longer Catholic, and this will affect your ability to partake in the following.

  1. Religious marriage: You will not be able to marry with a Catholic ceremony. This does not affect your right to a civil marriage.
  2. Be a witness at religious event: You will be unable to be a witness at a Catholic ceremony, and you may not participate actively in mass, although you will still be able to enter a Church and attend such ceremonies.
  3. Receive Catholic sacraments: You will not be able to avail yourself of Catholic sacraments, such as Holy Communion etc.
  4. Religious funeral: You will not be able to have a religious funeral. More importantly, if you own a grave which is located on Church property, the decision of whether or not you are allowed to be buried there is up to the parish priest. This does not affect your right to be buried in Government owned cemeteries, such as Addolorata in Malta and Xewkija in Gozo.
  5. Access to education: If your children are not baptised, they might be denied entrance to a Church school on that ground. It needs no reminding that Church schools are publicly subsidised in Malta.
Points 4 and 5 also shed some light on the unjust nature of the present social arrangements in Malta.
Note: While we have tried to be comprehensive in the above list, there might be other consequences which we have not enumerated. If you are in doubt about this, you should consult the Curia.